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  Imperial Productions ®                               

 Custom Commissioned


  Ships from New York or Toronto         


  Fast Track on this page

 Design Features

 Material Selection


 Fast Track to 3 Levels of Services Offered

 1) Historic Accurate

  2) Look A Likes

 3) Unique New Elements



 Custom Interior Domes:  Where Design Meets Form 




















 Frequently used in palaces or religious places, they are in vogue for

 commercial establishments such as hotel lobbies, upscale retail stores

 and high end residential establishments.


 Lunettes are like 1/2 domes or alcoves.  Trim them with flexible ResinMold®

 radius casings or radius friezes. 


 They are perfect for product displays or statues. Just imagine a fabulous

 piece of art or expensive purse or shoe portfolio displayed in a high end shop.


 Sometimes they are referred to as a tympanum when deeply set

 Shallow lunettes provide depth but do not take away valuable floor space


 They can be created as

   a) Smooth non-featured half moons with any rise and interior radius

   b) Decorative Lunettes with Boiserie embedded into the mold or applied

        ResinMold® to a smooth lunette


  Options are Variable

  a) Add a light valance for rope lighting

  b) an extended finishing ring to decorate the perimeter of the lunette

  c) Add Boiserie casing or frieze


  Imperial offers multiple materials for lunettes including

  GRG-NeoPlasterTM   Fiberglass   ArchPolymerTM


 Imperial Productions is located in the USA and Canada and ships to

 16 countries for over 20 years.


 Examine our extensive standard line of medallions





 All About Custom Lunettes


 Levels of Service:    


  Imperial Productions® can create


   a) Historically Accurate Replicas

       Reproductions of existing broken elements


   b) Look A Like Replicas

       Close "there of" duplicates for new construction


  c) Custom Unique Element

       Custom designs for the discerning client


  d) Select your Level of Service & Materials  

      click here for service level


  e) Select your Material 

      click for Suitable Materials




    copyright MRDCI




  Custom Interior Lunette

 Design Features &

 Request a Quote




  a) Overall Application

 Provide details of where the lunette will be situated

 a) Internal inside a room not effecting the ceiling trusses

 b) Internal inside an attic area requiring truss modification 


  b) Overall Details

   Provide us with photos or architectural scaled drawings  

  We need:  a) the total height or rise

                   b) the radius of the lunette


  c) Optional Light Coves

   Does the lunette require an additional radius light valence ? 



  Material: Radius Trough GRG-NeoPlasterTM 




  Material:  Radius ArchPolymerTM



  d) Optional Finishing Ring and Trim 


 Does the dome require a Radius Casings to cover the gap

 between the dome and the drywall ?



  Made from ArchPolymerTM



  Youtube video about archpolymer properties from imperial

  Made from flexible ResinMold®






  e) Interior Boiserie in a Lunette


 Does the lunette require interior decoration such as appliqués,  panel molds

  applied or integrated into the lunette?


  Send us CAD Drawings

 or Commission MRDCI for designs


  Boiserie Materials

 a) appliqués or flexible medallions

     applied to a smooth lunette surface 


 b) integrated into the lunette's mold






 Custom Lunette Materials    

 Synthetic Materials


  1) Requires computer made

  2) A mold is created

  3) Select your material below       


  YouTube Video

 Link to Material 

 Brief Description

  ArchPolymerTM    (Rigid)

  Youtube video about archpolymer material properties from imperial



  Solid Material - any size

  Primed White

  Exterior or Interior use

  Optional Class 1 Fire Rating Option

 GRG-NeoPlasterTM      (for type 1 Buildings)



  Hollow Shell - any size

  Primed by others    Interior use

  Fire rated ASTM-E84


  Thicker Hollow Shell - Large Medallions

  Primed by others    Interior use

  Fire rated ASTM-E84





 Hollow Shell - Large Sizes

 a) Unfinished - Primed by others

 b) integrated RAL color in the gelcoat 

 Interior & Exterior   Fire rated ASTM-E84


 Hollow Shell - Large Sizes

 a) Unfinished Primed by others

 b) 6 Colors in the gelcoat 

 Interior & Exterior   Fire rated ASTM-E84




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  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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