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  Tin ceilings are the perfect for nail up applications on drywall or drop in panels

  for T-Bar ceilings.  Our vast selection includes real tin on steel, aluminum that

  will not rust for exterior applications, and copper treated or non-treated. 

  There are 100's of factory paint finishes or you can paint them yourself. 

  We can historically recreate building facade metal elements.



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   From CA$ 2.48* 

   per Square Foot (2x2 panel (62cm)

  FromUS$ 1.84*

       per square Foot (2x2 panel)

 * FOB Factory Price Each for 100+ Panels



 a) Standard Panels Tin / Aluminum / Copper



 Imperial Tin Panels



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  See our collection of modern styles






 See our wonderful collection of classic tin panels



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 b) Custom Panels & Historic Recreations 



  Explore custom metal panels











 b) Finishes                                                                        







 We offer painting service

  to match any paint color

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 Tin Ceilings from modern to classic designs 


  When you think of tin ceiling panels, one thinks of a stately Victorian home.


  In fact, today's tin panels provide a varied look for both residential

  and commercial establishments, for modern or traditional design

  Let's look at a few non-traditional applications for tin panels


   a) Tin Panels for Walls




 Not only can you put tin panels on

 ceilings why not think of decorating



 This shiny look provides a similar effect

 as mirrors but with a patterned reflection. 


  If you want a fresh look

              ... simply paint them

   b) Tin Panels for Door Decoration




  Here we have created a concealed TV

  media center with tin panels covering the

  face of each door. 


  Simply open the doors

  and access all your electronics.


  c) Tin Panels for Coffee Cupboards




  Who wants to have all the clutter of

  small kitchen appliances on your



  Here we have created a coffee center

  in a closet with tin panels as a




  c) Tin Panels for Coffered Ceilings


  Designed specifically for our coffered

  ceiling panels, there are a series of

  elongated panels that fit right into

  the ArchPolymerTM frame. No expensive

  carpentry - simply glue to the tin panel

  into the solid coffer and apply to the




  See the full page of coffers

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