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    Imperial Productions®

 Contact Information & Pickup Locations

 New York & Toronto





 We provide a secure encrypted email

























 Internet Sites Open 24-7


 Corporate Office: Monday to Thurs 9am to 5pm

                              Friday 9am to 4:30pm Eastern Std Time

  New York 1-800-399-7585     Toronto:  416-264-6096


 Showroom Visits: by Appointment only


 Covid19 Rules:  Masks must be worn and please do not touch products


a) Call us to discuss your requirements to determine if a visit is necessary

To request an appointment email us your name, address and phone number


b) Product Viewing: 

Select a few of the standard products that you want to see and they will be pulled from one of our warehouses for you for your appointment.  If you are requesting custom items, you can view the materials.

Product viewing does not include design consultation


c) Design Consultation:

This must be pre-arranged prior to visiting our showroom

There is a fee for service with a one hour minimum

Design consultation includes advise, a design plan

portfolio includes drawings, renderings and specifying of product and advise













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 Fax: Toll Free


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 Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc  

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 Phone: Toronto Canada


 Fax Toronto Canada 



 Canada Mailing to & Depot Pickup 

 Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc  

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 of the










 Our Industry is segmented into various disciplines

 All who take part in a project take on their own level of responsibility

 The Architect plans, Imperial Supplies product, The contractor installs


 a) Planning & Design: The designer or architect does the following


     i) Take measurements and create drawings and sketches


     ii) Put the various architectural elements together into a cohesive plan


     ii) Specify products for your project from Imperial and procure quotes


     iii) Confirm the products adhere to local and national building codes


     iv) Confirm the product suitability to fit in a practical application 


     v) They review our quotes and terms and conditions

         They assist to turn our quotes into contracts

         They approve and sign off our drawings for product production or procurement

         Emails and verbal communications do not constitute a contract.


     vi) The designer and architect becomes totally responsible for all aspects

          of the product specification, therefore if there is an error you must refer

          back to them


 b) You can hire Imperial Productions and Productions Inc. to create a plan for you and specify product. There is a separate contract and cost for this service. 

Do not assume it is free, thus responsibility for design reverts to Imperial. Terms

and conditions in this separate quote for service outlines our responsibility.



 c) If you are your own Planner and Designer you take on full responsibility

     to ensure all products are ordered by you are correct.

     All responsibility reverts to you for all aspects outlined in

     section a) Planning & Design




 How we 

































All orders accepted only in writing - No verbal orders please

Quotes, Drawings and terms will be sent to you by email or fax

with a payment form for your approval

One of our associates will call you to confirm you got the quote and answer any questions you may have prior to ordering




To order sign the quote, terms and payment form and remit by email or fax

Timelines begin from the payment date not the quote date. Please pay special attention to the bill to and ship to address on your quote. Purchase orders from your company sent to Imperial do not constitute an accepted order as we require signing of our quote, terms and payment form.  

For custom products, a "shop drawing" only will be provided for sign off after the goods are fully paid for.   You cannot buy "shop drawings" without purchasing the product

All sales are final - no cancellations or exchanges




Full Payment by certified check, Visa, Debt, MCard, Electronic Money Transfer


Canada:  all sales in Canadian Dollars - Taxes charged where applicable

USA or International:  all in US Dollars - Local taxes are your responsibility

For international sales - payment by electronic money transfer only


Credit purchases on O.A.C. for orders over $50,000




Once payment has been received you will receive a confirmation and a second email to provide a approximate manufacturing date.  All production dates are approximate plus freight times. 


For any customer service enquires send an email to

address it to Anne Jones.  Her staff will look into your enquiry and will email you back once they have an answer




Once full payment is received and processed, goods either go into production or are shipped from one of our 4 warehouses by a third party freight carrier with insurance on the goods.  You cannot change the ship to address once goods have been shipped.

We do not use non approved 3rd party freight carriers.  All deliveries require an adult signature.


For those that pickup from our warehouses by an approved third party freight carrier, you must supply the bill of lading by email prior to pick up. We do not sign any bill of lading if we are not the shipper. Once the good leave our dock, all risk reverts to the insured carrier or consignee



If there are freight damages, obvious or concealed, you must report these within 24 hours.   Any product issues must be reported to Imperial within 48 hours.  Open the goods and measure the products.






 Imperial Productions and Distribution Inc. Directive


We are a Design House, a coordinator that orchestrates a client's design concept into reality.  Select from over 10,000 architectural products on-line or have custom elements produced as private commissions in association with  Martin Richards Design and Contracting Inc. 


This award winning design firm creates designs for architectural elements in

historical restorations, for unique commissions, or for complete architectural plans.


Designs are then tendered to various quality manufacturers. As a courtesy, Imperial coordinates all international shipping of goods. Imperial is your complete source for architectural products and innovative design commissions. 
































  How to Order Products  1-800-399-7585     416-264-6096  


  Read sales policy before you buy  Imperial protects your privacy  our contract with you on the websites  secure and safe packaging and freight  Learn about our Trade Registry Program  

  * All Prices & specifications in this website subject to change without notice

  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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     and Imperial Productions®                                                        Feb 2018  all rights reserved

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