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 Imperial is a global solution based innovator for

Distinct & Custom Architectural Products



 Book 1 (of 14)   

Building Facades - columns, cornice, gingerbread, window-door surrounds




 Chapter 1-1  

  made from Fire Rated Fiberglass / ArchPolymerTM / ArchLiteTM / GFRC / Metals


Commercial Facades - building louvers, open grills, fixed shutters

 Main Facade Page     Custom Sizes & Historic Reproductions
 Building Louvers  Building Cornice   Fixed Shutters  
 Commercial Pergolas   Post & Beams   Open Grills  Wall Panels



 Chapter 1-2

  Building Cornice made from Fiberglass, ArchPolymerTM, GFRC, Metals


House Fronts - panels, columns, decorative elements

 Main House Front Page    Historic Reproduction
 Arched Casings  Dentil Boards  Keystones  Railings
 Artificial Lumber  Door Surrounds  Modillion Blocks  Roman Lattice
 Beams  Finials  Mouldings  Rosettes
 Brackets  Fishscale  Niche-Alcove  Shutters
 Brackets-Triangle   Gable Ends  Panels-Solid  Spires
 BrickMold  Gingerbread  Pediments  Spandrels
 Blocks-Corbels  Gingerbread-Trim  Pergolas  Vents
 Closed Headers  Header Mouldings  Pilasters  Wall Panels
 Columns  Headers-Radius  Porch Posts  Wall Rings
 Corbels-Consoles  Header Triglyph  Quatrefoils  




 Book 2 (of 14)

Balusters, Spindles, Railings curved and straight

  Railings with Building Code Certification in North America

 Main Railing Page  PDF Catalog  Custom & Historic Reproductions
 ArchComp Series  ArchPolymer Series  Hardwood Spindles  Balls
 Square Spindles  Villa Style Balusters  Hardwood Newels  Finials
 ArchComp Newels  Villa Style Railings  Hardwood Railings  Roman Lattice
   Villa Newel Posts    Radius Railings
       Stair Brackets




 Book 3 (of 14) 

 Columns made from ArchCompTM, ArchPolymerTM, Fiberglass, PolyCompTM, Hardwood

 Main Column Page  PDF Catalogs   Custom Sizes & Historic Reproductions
 Classical Orders  Art Deco  Bases-Square  Part Fluted/Smooth
 Doric Columns  Bases-Round  Belly Columns  Post Wrap Charts
 Greek-Doric  Bases-Attic  Capitals-Custom  Pilasters-Flat
 Roman Corinthian  Bases Load Plugs  Capitals-Round  Rope Columns
 Roman Ionic  Bases Square Plinths  Capitals-Square  Round Columns
 Scamozzi  Base-Replacement  Cylinders  Square Columns
 Temple-Winds  Bases-Tuscan  Octagon Columns  Square Post Wraps
 Tuscan       Steel Load Posts




 Book 4 (of 14) 

Domes for building exteriors and interiors

  Domes made from ArchPolymerTM, GRG-NeoPlasterTM, Fiberglass

 Main Dome Page  PDF Catalogs  Custom Domes  Historic Reproductions
 Bulkheads  Flexible Rings  Light Coves  Oval Domes
 Exterior Domes  Interior - Round  Lunette-Half Dome  Surface Domes




 Book 5 (of 14)   

Ceiling decor - medallions, panels, rings

 Ceiling Elements made from Fiberglass / ArchPolymerTM / GRG-NeoPlasterTM / Metal

 Main Ceiling Page  PDF Catalogs  
 Ceiling Appliqué  Crown Mouldings  Light Coves  



 Chapter 5-1

  Medallions made from GRG-NeoPlasterTM / ArchPolymerTM / Tin / GFRC, Metals


Ceiling medallions made from GRG-NeoPlaster, ArchPolymer, hardwood carved

 Main Medallion Page  PDF Catalogs  Custom Medallions & Panels
 Medallions  Rosettes  Medallions-Flexible  Rings




 Chapter 5-2

  Panels made from GRG-NeoPlasterTM / ArchPolymerTM / Fiberglass / Metals


Panels - beams and baffles

  Custom Panels  Catalog coming soon  Precast Panels   Coffer Panels
 Baffles  Beams-Residential  Beams-Commercial   Vaults




 Book 6 (of 14) 

Tin Panels for ceilings and walls


  Metal Panels made from Tin / Aluminum / Copper for Walls and Ceilings


 Main Tin Ceiling Page  PDF Catalog    
  Backsplash   Medallions   Panels-Double  T-Bar Panels
 Crowns  Panels-Classic  Panels-Modern  T-Bar Grids
 Fillers  Panels-Coffered    Install




 Book 7 (of 14) 

wall and ceilng decor

  Wall decor made from Fiberglass / GRG-NeoPlasterTM / Metals / ArchPolymerTM

  Medallions-Wall  Niches   Quatrefoil   Solid Panels
  Mouldings  Open Frames  Pilasters  Wall Panels-Commercial
 Metal Panels  Open Grills  Rings  Wall Panels-Residential




 Book 8 (of 14)

Millwork-carvings, corbels, consoles, kitchen posts, mantels, legs, mouldings



 Chapter 8-1 

 Elements made from Hardwood, ArchPolymerTM, GRG-NeoPlasterTM, ResinMold®


Carvings, corbels & consoles

 Main Carving Page  PDF Catalog  Custom Carvings & Historic Reproductions
 Acorns  Cherubs   Keystones  Shelves
 Appliqué   Column Capitals   Leafs  Stars
 Appliqué Suites  Corbels-Consoles  Mirror Frames  Statues
 Balls  Corner Posts  Panels-Weave  Swags
 Boiserie  Corners-Carved  Carved Pediments  Table Pedestals
 Brackets-Plain  Consoles  Pineapples  Urns-Lamps
 Brackets-Triangle   Crown Corner Block  Pilaster Capitals  Wall Mouldings
 Ceiling Appliqué  Drops  Rosettes  
 Centers  Finials  Scrolls   
 Center & Scrolls  Flowers  Shells  




 Chapter 8-2 

  Furniture Legs and Kitchen Posts made from Hardwood, Metal


Furniture Legs and Kitchen Posts

 Main Leg/Post Page  PDF Catalogs  Custom Legs & Kitchen Posts
 Furniture Legs  Corner Posts   Kitchen Posts  Rosettes




 Book 9 (of 14)

  Mouldings made from

 Hardwood / Flexible ResinMold / Fiberglass / GRG-NeoPlasterTM / Metals / ArchPolymerTM

 Main Moulding Page  PDF Catalog  Custom Mouldings & Matching
 Arches  Board & Batten  Dentils  Panel Molds
 Artificial Lumber  Burlap  Door Surrounds  Quarter Rounds
 Bar Rail  Casings  Door Stop  Reed & Ribbon
 Brickmold  Ceiling Decoration  Frames  Ropes
 Backbands  Corner Guard  Frieze & Rinceau  Swirl Patterns
 Bamboo-Faux  Cornice-Building  Half Rounds  Triglyph
 Baseboards  Crowns  Headers-Closed  Vented Soffit
 Beads  Crown Blocks  Machinable Resin  Wall Decoration
       Window Sills




 Book 10 (of 14)

Fireplace mantels stonemold, hardwood carved

  Custom Sized and Designed Fireplace Mantels

 Main Fireplace Page  PDF Catalog    
 Accessories  Carved Wood  StoneMoldTM  




 Book 11 (of 14)

custom architectural elements

 Main Custom Page  PDF Custom Book  

 Building Elements

  Furniture Legs

 Flexible Moldings



 Panels - ArchLiteTM

 Column Bases



 Column Capitals




 Medallions Flexible for Vaults

 Radius Closed Headers
 Columns  Metal Grills Page  Triangle Brackets
 Corbels & Consoles  Metal Panels  
 Domes  Mouldings  




 Book 12 (of 14)

Commercial Projects from Imperial Productions

 Commerial Fiberglass, GRG-NeoPlasterTM, ArchPolymerTM, Hardwood, GFRC, ArchLiteTM

 Main Commercial Page    

 Imperial Productions and Distribution Inc is celebrating it's 20th year in the US and Canada;

 selling architectural products to over 16 countries, to the Public and the Trade


  Imperial offers high end designs and one of a kind custom elements that make an architecture

  statement for restoration and new projects.  Select design styles ranging from modern to classical

  for home decorating, sophisticated interior design and exterior building elements.


  For commercial remodeling projects, Imperial provides metal grills for building envelopes

  (ie facades), stainless steel columns and wood columns, curved and straight light valances,

  religious domes,  ceiling coffers and trim moldings made from GRG-NeoPlasterTM

  Commercial Projects range from hotel reconstruction, churches to store fixtures and movie sets.

  All the necessary components are found in one architectural source.


  For residential renovation and home remodeling, Imperial provides a huge selection of

  architectural products for the DIY home owner, residential contractors and home builders.

  Imperial gives you how to install notes throughout our websites


  Our specialty is innovative custom design working in conjunction with Martin Richards DesignTM 

 and custom elements from the world's best manufacturing production facilities.


  Imperial supervises the ordering process, quality control and secure expert packaging and worldwide

  distribution  from New York and Toronto using trusted freight carriers.  See how we pack and ship


  When you need to make an architectural statement, in your home or commercial remodel,

  Imperial Productions® is your place for standard and custom architectural products





 Book 13 (of 14)  

Finishes - factory painted, DIY specialty paints, metal coating


 Chapter 13-1

  The Ultimate DIY line of Specialty Paints from Ronan for Architectural Finishing


Specialty paints golds, silvers, uv protector, clear coating

 Main Paint Page  PDF Catalog    
 Additives  Bulletin Enamel   Industrial Speed  Primers
 Aquacote  Clear Coat  Japan Matte   Metallic Leaf
 Background  Fluorescent  Lettering Enamel   UV Protector




 Chapter 13-2

  Order your products Factory Finished for a superior result that saves time and money


factory paint finishing

 Main Finishing Page    
 Products can be orders Factory stained or painted




 Chapter 13-3

 Real Metal Applied to GRG-NeoPlasterTM, ArchPolymerTM, Hardwood, GFRC, ArchLiteTM


Real metal coating on any substrate

 Main Metal Page    
 All of our products can be coated in Real Metal. For example a column capital can be totally coated in metal or only a part such as the astragal.  Metal coating can be applied to wood and composites all custom quoted.






 Book 14 (of 14)  


 Imperial Design  an Idea Collective 

Design Elements and stories

 Main Design Page  

 Building Home Value  

 Designing Wall Wainscot or Boiserie

 How to Size a Medallion

 Making a Bar

 Covering Deck Posts

  Phi The Golden Rule    

 Dressing Arched Windows



 All articles are written without prejudice for the constructive sharing

 of design knowledge     Refer to website disclaimer 


 Learn about Imperial Productions

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  Imperial is your Design specialists

  Your architectural challenges are our top priority!


  Imperial has innovative custom solutions to complex design dilemmas for Commercial

  and home decor Residential projects adhering to the highest quality for professionals and DIY.

  We offer all the renovation supplies necessary for your home decoration that gives you

  the home style and interior design you desire.


  Our Custom Department addresses small and large projects for Historic Reproductions and

  Unique Designs.


 A generous supply of materials includes GRG-NeoPlasterTM, ArchPolymerTM, GFRC-ZeamentTM,

 StoneMoldTM,  24 Carved & Smooth Hardwoods,  Metals, Fiberglass, EPS Plaster and a

 flexible ResinMold ®


 Custom Hand carvings in Hardwoods are superb in their workmanship Complete Turnkey with

  Specialty Primers & Paints and Real Metal Coating


  Specify Imperial's Architectural Elements for Hotels, Residences, Offices, Hospitality and

  Places of Worship


  - Interior & Exterior Solutions!


 your source for custom architectural products

  Imperial Productions® 

    Toronto & New York









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